Crown Micro Brand

The CROWN MICRO brand was founded in 1992 in Los Angeles, California, USA by a team of industry experienced and highly capable professionals who believe in innovative and superior quality products. In 2006 Crown Micro became a member of SADITA Holding LTD. Crown Micro is a dynamic, forward-thinking company with a strong commitment to the success and satisfaction of its business partners and customers, In the span of 20 years we have opened offices in The united arab emirates free zone, russia, ukraine, kazakhastan, china, germany, kingdom of saudi arabia, kuwait, pakistan, nigeria, kenya and ghana

We now have 75 business partners worldwide. CROWN is now recognized as a global brand. We achieved this by implementing amazing designs and superior quality to meet customers' expectations and by keeping up with cutting edge trends in lifestyle and Information Technology products.CROWN MICRO's product lines encompass a huge range of computer and mobile accessories, solar Inverters, AVR, UPS, solar panels, batteries and networking products as well as toner, printer and copy machines supplies along with many other products that we are continually enhancing in order to fulfill our customers' needs.

We are the best

Crown products like power and solar energy products, UPS and Inverter, phone and computer accessories, networking cables etc, to other African countries. Also, we have dealers representing our products and market it in their countries like Morocco, Vietnam, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Brazil, Chili, Canada, etc