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CROWN MICRO brand was founded in the USA in 1992 by a team of experienced industry professionals. We have established distribution centers in Dubai, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Ukraine, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria.

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Crown Micro Lead-acid UPS Battery SH9-12 (12V 9AH)

  • Glass technology (AGM) up to 99% does not require effective gas recombination and refilling of water
  • Protection from overflow control valve
  • Increased capacity per unit volume
  • Durable and sturdy casing ABS
  • High-tech design of lead-tin grid units to increase capacity
  • Long service life with constant charge, discharge or storage
  • Low self-discharge
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Crown Micro Lead-acid UPS Battery SH9-12 (12V 9AH) works perfectly across all ups or powered devices. Crown micro products are top quality products compared with other brands, our products meets international standard.

We are an International brand and OEM of crown power solutions, Solar Inverters, UPS, Inverters & UPS Batteries, Laserjet compatible toners, Electronics and accessories products. We offer massive discounts when you buy bulk purchase.

  • Good Quality
  • Reliable
  • Durable and Strong

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