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CROWN MICRO brand was founded in the USA in 1992 by a team of experienced industry professionals. We have established distribution centers in Dubai, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Ukraine, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria.

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Crown Micro 12V/200AH/10HR AGM Gel Inverter Battery CMBG-200

  • Leak-proof and sealed construction.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Compact design and heavy duty grids.
  • Low self discharge.
  • Wide operating temperature.
  • Specially designed for online UPS/solar energy ups/Telecom,
  • Design floating service life: 15 years at 25c
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The Crown Micro 12V, 200AH AGM gel Vrla Inverter Battery is specially designed for optimum performance, very long life, and high reliability. These are eminently suitable for a wide range of applications. The CMBG-200 is a Perfect Match for your Inverter models, it Performs under extreme conditions, Withstands Deep Discharge and Overcharge with also an Excellent protection against leakage and corrosion.
Strong Containers/Covers,  Inter-cell Welding reduces chances of accidental short-circuiting of cells. Special Lead Alloy Composition. Excellent charge acceptance,  Large electrolyte volume,  Micro-porous PVC Separators, Option of Ceramic Vent Plugs.
The Battery is designed and manufactured according to DIN standards and with die-casting positive grid and patent formula of active material. the series exceeds DIN standard values with more than 15 years floating design life at 25℃ and is even more suitable for cyclic use under extreme operating conditions.
  • Radial Grid Profile
  • Low impedance path.
  • Instantaneous high currents.
  • Heavy duty Lead alloy.
  • Superior high rate discharge performance upto 8% more than rectilinear profile.
  • Instacharge Paste recipe
  • Excellent charge acceptance.
  • Low self discharge less than 1% per week.
  • AGM Separator
  • High basis weight.
  • High void volume glass mat.
  • Superior compression characteristics.
  • Prolongs life.
  • High Integrity ICW
  • Thick, robust inter-cell connections.
  • Imparts high reliability during service life.
  • Minimizes low resistance path.


NOTE: Please use a qualified technician or specialist in inverter and solar installation

  1. Charge the inverter battery for 24 hours before first usage
  2. Make sure you recharge the battery after each use
  3. Charge the inverter battery to 100% at least for 8 hours
  4. Charge the battery at one-tenth of battery AH, E.G 20 amps for 200ah
  5. Do not short circuit the battery
  6. Do not allow the battery to drain off completely


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